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The "P" litter was the first litter we had as a team.

Ruby delivered 10 puppies, all so very special although sadly many of them are no longer with us.

We thank these beautiful pups for teaching us so much and for the amazing times we, and their families, have had over the years.

Kritiko High 'N' Mighty Of Steldawn x Ch/Ir Ch Swillyvalley As You Like It Of Whittimere​

D.O.B. 21st May 2009

This litter contained 4 dual English and Irish Champions.  We don't believe this has happened in one litter of Elkhounds before.

Whittimere Paddington

Ch/Ir/Int Ch Whittimere Pandemonium

Ch/Ir Ch Whittimere Pearl

Whittimere Perseus

Whittimere Phenomenon

Whittimere Philosopher

Whittimere Pickering

Ch/Ir Ch Whittimere Platinum ShCM

Ch/Ir Ch Whittimere Pontiac ShCM

Whittimere Priscilla

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